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Q: What is 30 Minute Burn…?

A: A super easy to follow lifestyle plan that will get you to your true weight with only 30 minutes of dedication per day. You even get to eat pizza, fast food and drink booze, it’s allowed – heck, we even encourage it. Not convinced? Read on, you will be.

Everything you need to get the body and life you want can be done within 30 minutes each day, this includes all your workouts, cooking and meal prep. Never again will ‘not enough time’ be a reason not to start. So with that in mind what do you want to achieve…?


Let me guess. You want to lose weight and keep it off right?

Maybe you want to experience first hand all those feelings of euphoria people ‘in shape’ claim to have daily. Maybe health is your thing and you want to be fit and live a long healthy life.

Whatever your motivation for starting, you’re in the right place. Whether you want to be the fittest and most aesthetically beautiful man or woman on the planet or simply attain the benefits of healthy living you must start in the same place. So if you’re ready to begin – read on my friend.


My name is Alex, I’m a super qualified personal physique alteration specialist (okay I’m a personal trainer, but you have to sell it right?) you can find out all about my background, qualifications, personal journey etc. right here if you’re interested, you can also see the results that a selection of my clients have achieved by following my advice here. But for now let’s get down to business.

“How would you like to lose up to 7lbs in just 7 days?”

People who say you can’t or shouldn’t lose weight quickly are often misinformed. I have experienced, seen and helped people do just this. Check out these photos submitted from previous clients of mine who have followed the steps laid out in this guide.

I have devised a fat loss programme that works and I’m going to give it to you for free so you can be the judge!

Begin your first week here.

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