Remove the emotion from your decision making and you’ll find your diet and training easier to manage

Emotion and logic are run in two totally separate parts of your brain. The problem is the part of the brain responsible for emotion receives blood flow faster than the part that receives logic. This is vital for survival, it makes little sense for you to logically weigh up the pro’s and con’s when you hear a loud ROOOAAARRR coming from the bush next to you – you just run!roar1Because we have evolved to react on emotion (for survival) in this modern day era we often use our emotional brain to make more choices than it should. For example when we get stressed today we reach for some comfort food or a glass of wine.

This is a battle of self that each of us encounter as we are all hard-wired the same way. The reason why some people fall off the wagon when they have a bad day and other don’t comes down to understanding and choice.

Understand that all emotional feelings pass and you always have a choice. Try to think with your ‘future-self’ what would the ‘you’ in the morning decided to do now? If you could jump back in time to the night before what would you tell yourself? Going to sleep is like hitting the reset button, no matter the cravings, wants and desires you have at night they will be gone in the morning – this is why people often say, “why don’t you sleep on it?”

If you get the urge to jack-in your diet just understand that what you are feeling is a temporary emotion brought to you by the emotional part of the brain, take a time out and wait for your logical part of the brain to kick into action and you’ll find that making the right decision becomes much clearer.


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