Busting the conventional wisdom on fat reduction…

See below for a screen grab from heartuk.org.uk (taken 21.02.17). This is the advice given to people who would like to lose weight. You can view the page it’s take from here if you’re interested.

In my humble (and all knowing) opinion, this is so far from a diet conducive to effective fat loss it’s silly. It’s no wonder that people can’t lose weight. (These are my own personal opinions by the way, feel free to come discuss them with me anytime you like). To their credit Heartuk are acknowledging that a reduction in sugar intake is the best course of action but sadly it’s just not enough.

Please note: Eating carbs is not bad but eating too many carbs is. If you have a problem with weight you’ll likely have a problem with carbs. If you have a problem with alcohol you’ll likely be drinking too much of it. Would you recommend for someone with an alcohol addiction to drink alcohol regularly? No of course not, you’d get them to significantly cut down or start a rehabilitation programme where the alcohol is phased out. By telling a person with a weight and ‘carb problem’ to eat carbs often is (in my view) setting them up to fail. They will constantly be on the highs and lows of the carb/energy rollercoaster at the mercy of their cravings.

What’s needed is an education about how to control insulin levels through diet – which is a fundamental basis for effective weight management.

Begin said education here.




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