The Table of Reason

Life is there to test us, that’s its job. When you want something it can seem like no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to get to your goal. Life has a way of creating barriers in front of you. You want to build a lean and healthy body but on day 1 of your new training plan you catch that cold that is going around. On day 3 your car breaks down and now you have to find time and money to get it fixed. On day 5 your boss dumps a load of extra work on your desk that needs to be done asap! By day 7 you quit trying to focus on your goal and set a ‘future deadline’ of when you’ll restart – just to let yourself off the hook.

Sound familiar?

Think about your goal for a second. Why is it that you want to achieve that specific goal? Why not something else? There must be a reason for it. There IS a reason and it’s this reason that will either keep you fighting towards your goal or cause you to lose faith and fall off the wagon.

Your reason is like a table and obstacles that get in your way are like weights being dropped on your table. If your table isn’t strong enough it will eventually collapse under the pressure of the weights. To strengthen your table of reason you simply need to add more legs to it. You can legs by looking deeper into your reason. If you can’t find more legs or the legs it currently has aren’t strong, it will collapse and you will fail.

Finding reasons for your reason

I want to be lean, muscular and in shape. That is my goal, I have achieved my goal because my reason is strong. Here’s how I make it strong.

Firstly, take your initial goal – I want to be lean, muscular and in shape – and start asking yourself what it would be like to achieve it. Create a list of things that could happen if you get there.

  • I’ll look and feel great
  • I’ll be able to share my system with the world and create a second income selling it
  • I’ll be healthy and live longer
  • I’ll be able to spend more time with my family without being ill, weak or burdened by chronic deconditioning
  • I’ll inspire others

All of these reasons are great and will strengthen my will to push forwards in times of hardship but some are more powerful than others. These are the ‘what if I fail’ statements. Here are a list of things that will happen if I don’t achieve my goal.

  • I will be out of shape
  • My personal training clients will think I don’t know what I’m talking about because I can’t keep myself in shape
  • I will have a greater chance of developing heart problems and disease
  • I may die younger and miss time with my family
  • I won’t make as much money
  • If I don’t make money I won’t be able to afford nice things

If I use the positive reasons to go for my goal I may get there but if I combine them with the ‘what if I fail’ statements I create strong legs for my table.

As I definitely do not want these things to happen I’ll strive to do whatever it takes to avoid the pain of realisation.

Think about your goal. Ask yourself the same questions; what happens if I achieve this? Make the answers so compelling that the thought of achieving your goals literally pulls you into taking action each day. Then ask yourself what might happen if I don’t achieve my goal and make those answers so scary that it pushes you into action. If you can’t think of enough compelling reasons don’t worry, perhaps you don’t want the goal you’ve set as much as you thought you did…


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