Why you CAN’T achieve consistent progress

I was chatting to a client this week about their fitness goals. We are 5 weeks into a 10 week training programme and the original goal (in their words) was to lose 10lbs. The first week we trained was perfect and on our second session we’d recorded a 4lb weight loss. The second week wasn’t so great, there were family and work commitments, birthdays etc so we wrote it off and agreed to get back on track in week 3. On our next session my client had informed me they’d been ill for over half the week so the diet wasn’t perfect. It’s now week 5 and my client is the same weight as when they started…

It’s not your personal trainers responsibility to ensure you lose weight.

It’s not your personal trainers responsibility to ensure you lose weight. It’s yours and yours alone. The trainer gives you the tools and a map directing you to your goals. If you choose to follow it is up to you.

What was holding my client back from achieving results? On the 1 hour per week we met the sessions were tough and no effort was spared. The problem is not the effort put in 1 hour per week. It’s the effort put in the other 167 hours of the week. It’s the choices made on an hour to hour basis each day that shapes how you look and how you feel.

The thought process behind our decisions is directed by our focus. It became clear as I talk with my client that focus was the problem.

What can I do inspite of all these things?

Whatever you focus on expands and becomes your reality. My client had stopped focusing on the 10lbs of weight loss goal and started focusing on the all the things that were holding them back each week; the family commitments, the birthdays, the illness. Instead of focusing on ‘what can I do inspite of all these things’ my client focused on the very things that were holding them back. You see life will happen everyday and things will come up, go wrong and set you back but its the decisions you make INSPITE of these things that move you closer or futher away from your goals.

If you focus on losing 10lbs of body fat NO MATTER WHAT you’ll start asking yourself better, more empowering questions when things start to get tough. When you wake up in the morning you have maybe 2 or 3 really important things that you need to get done, then a bunch of maybe 5-10 less important things to do and after that there is the ‘it’d be nice to get done’ list. If your goal is not firmly in the 2-3 most important things – you’ll fail. Plain and simple. Bump up the importance of your goal and make decisions throughout the day based on achieving THAT one goal you really want to accomplish. Everything else is less important anyway!


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