Are you compounding your results?

How many times have you had a great day on your diet plan, went to the gym or took a fitness class and thought it would be reasonable to treat yourself for a job well done? Sound familiar? Well a lot of people see this as sound logic. They think “well, I’ve probably burnt 500calories more than normal and dieted away another 200 calories so I deserve this glass of wine tonight and it probably won’t hinder my progress too much.

In actual fact having a great day on your diet plan and exercising is just step 1. You’re in this for the long game not the short and to see really great, consistent results you need to schedule those treats correctly. This is a technique that I call compounding. It’s not enough to have a great day you need to have a few good days in a row to get some real results at the end of the week. You see, if you have a great day then reward yourself at the end of that day you’ll be starting over the next day. The goal is to build up a run of good days in the bank before you have your treats. If you have a great Monday followed by a great Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday you haven’t just had 6 good days the results will be compounded and your progress will reflect something closer to 10 days of hard work. You can then treat yourself on Sunday safe in the knowledge that you won’t undo 10 days of hard effort and start the cycle again. This is how you progress. If you treat yourself every time you have a good day you’ll constantly be starting over and your results will be slow.

You can read more about my theory on compounding results in my free book on transforming your physique. Get in touch if you have any questions and have a great day!


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