Hey folks,

Welcome to my ‘bio’ page, thanks for taking an interest. I’m a real person, just like you. I’ve dedicated my life to fitness for over a decade but I’m not like your average personal training/nutritional advisor. I’ve personally taken many a fitness and weight loss journey with my clients. In fact, I used to be fat! can you believe it, not just once either – a few times. Let me explain…

Family Wedding, 2016 – 13 stone 3lbs (185lbs), Overweight Again…
April 2017 – 11 Stone (154lbs) back to my old self after 12 weeks back on my 30 Minute Burn Programme.

Before I got into the fitness industry I was a fat kid. Overfed – under nourished and no education about food. In an effort to get thin I tried all the diets I could find, you name it I’ve tried it. My weight continued to increase all throughout school and peaked in my first year of university, it was at this time I decided to join the gym near to my campus. I lifted weights and did some basic cardio but nothing major. My weight came down and then went up again, I yo-yo’d like this for the next year or so. Once I finished my degree (in arts and media) I decided to look more closely at this fitness and weight loss struggle and get ‘educated’.

So I pulled what money I had together and signed up an online fitness instructor course. I learn some ‘theory’ on weight management and put it into practice. I had ‘some’ results. It wasn’t until I committed my time and effort into learning fat loss specific nutrition, how the body burns fat and then how to combine that with the best exercise plan that I got my best results. When I discovered this I literally turned my body into a fat burning machine. My energy levels soared and I could easily predict my weight loss on a day to day basis if I followed the correct steps.

2011, Alaska – working as onboard Personal Trainer for Royal Caribbean Cruises

After I qualified as a fitness instructor I went to work at sea for the cruise line industry helping guests from all over the world and sharing the knowledge I’d aquired.

During my time as a personal trainer I’ve purposely gained weight (20+ lbs) so I can lose it again using my fat loss method and show people how it can be done. Now I’m ready to share my system with you. I’m so confident you’ll see the best results you’ve ever seen by following my simple plan for just 7 days I’ve decided to give it to you for free. Good luck and enjoy!