How to get a six pack for people who can’t get a six pack – Part 1

Everyone can get abs. Everyone has abs already and the only variable factors are a persons level of body fat and their individual rate at which their body burns fat. It may take some people longer than others but everyone can get there. Here's how. Part 1 - Exercise People are right when they say … Continue reading How to get a six pack for people who can’t get a six pack – Part 1

Why you CAN’T achieve consistent progress

I was chatting to a client this week about their fitness goals. We are 5 weeks into a 10 week training programme and the original goal (in their words) was to lose 10lbs. The first week we trained was perfect and on our second session we'd recorded a 4lb weight loss. The second week wasn't … Continue reading Why you CAN’T achieve consistent progress

Superset for Super Gains

Whether your goal is to burn fat, build muscle, look amazing or anything else you should always train with progressive intensity. One great way to add intensity whilst simultaneously saving time is to employ the use of supersets. What are supersets? I'm glad you asked - Supersets are simply two exercises paired together without a … Continue reading Superset for Super Gains

Busting the conventional wisdom on fat reduction…

See below for a screen grab from (taken 21.02.17). This is the advice given to people who would like to lose weight. You can view the page it's take from here if you're interested. In my humble (and all knowing) opinion, this is so far from a diet conducive to effective fat loss it's … Continue reading Busting the conventional wisdom on fat reduction…

The misconception of missing

"Give up french fries!?" My client says. "I don't think I could give them up forever." Sound familiar? What we have here is a classic case of 'MM' or the Missing Misconception. Can you imagine living your life without Heroin? Assuming you're not into that of course... Of course you can, it's easy right, you … Continue reading The misconception of missing

The yes paradox

Last night I watched a TV show investigating the long term results of slimmers. They showcased a bunch of previous 'success' stories, people who'd dropped huge amounts of weight just to gain it back. They interviewed doctors, nutritionists, slimmers themselves and anyone else who seemed to know what they were talking about. The conclusion from … Continue reading The yes paradox

How water affects fat loss

Water is the most abundant substance in your body. up to 75% of you is water and over 70% of the food you eat is water too. When you are dehydrated your body slows down and when I slows down - I mean everything; Your thinking slows down Your energy drops You become tired and … Continue reading How water affects fat loss