Previous Results

The below people are real. They show the kind of results a little effort and commitment can produce. You can get results just like them by following my system.

Martin Hassan

I trained Martin in 2010 during this amazing 12 week transformation!


Luke Cashmore

Luke was a client of mine in 2016 he achieved this fantastic weight loss result in 12 weeks. Then went on to add muscle in 2017 over another 12 week period. Luke’s starting weight was over 15 stone 5 lbs (215 lbs). He lost over 3 stone in 12 weeks (that’s over 42 lbs).

Izzy Tobler

Izzy tried my 12 week body transformation in 2016, didn’t she do well? Izzy is also a vegetarian and proved that you don’t need animal proteins to get a great result.

Yours Truly

I even follow my own advice… These are my before and after photos after a 10 week transformation in 2017. I purposely gained weight prior so I could show clients step by step how easy you can transform when you follow my basic principles. Follow my plan and you can see predictable weekly results.

Rhiannon Smith

Rhiannon followed my advice and nutritional system to help her get into fantastic shape. Just another example of what can be achieved with a simple and effective strategy.

Are you convinced? Don’t wait another second to start your own journey. In 12 weeks you’ll look back and be glad you did!

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