It all begins here. The first thing I need you to do is forget everything you thought you knew about weight loss, forget everything you’ve ever been told and start this journey with an empty mind, ready to commit 100%.

So, are you ready?

Phase One is your first 7 days. It’s hard to convince yourself to stick with a new diet or training plan for life, it just seems too long and with too much restriction. This is why I am a massive fan of short term deadlines. The best sort term deadline is 7 days, why?

Whether you know it or not you body pretty much functions on autopilot all day long. It has to, if it had to consciously think about every little thing you had to do at every precise moment it wouldn’t be able to cope. That’s why your brain will try to put as much of what you do on autopilot as often as it can. For example, the first time you drove a car your brain was working overtime trying to stick to the speed limit, not stall the vehicle, change gear and not crash but now you do it without thinking. This happens to everything in your life. Think about which sock you put on first each morning or whether you brush your teeth before or after breakfast if you mind sees a repetitive scenario it will try to autopilot it.

The problem is most people are auto piloting the wrong habits. Habits that contribute to weight gain and ill-health. These habits usually fit nicely into a 7 day week. Think about your Monday to Friday routine and then your Friday night routine and Weekend routine, notice any repetitive behaviours?

We can work with your 7 day routine and create new and lasting habits that’ll move you closer to your goals quickly. Also every 7th day you’ll be able to see tangible returns on your investments (progress). Progress is the key to happiness and progress is what keeps you pressing on through the hard times. If there is no progress you will quit – and why wouldn’t you, it makes no sense putting yourself through the pain for no results.

On this plan you’ll get a result in 7 days. I am so confident you’ll feel more energised, more toned and happier in your first cycle of this plan that you’ll want to continue which is why I’ve packaged up a full 10 week plan that’s 10 more complete 7 day cycles ready to discover once you’ve completed your first. But don’t go and get it just yet, make sure this is the right plan for you by trying your first week for free! So if you’re ready let’s make sure you have everything prepared…