Get Prepared

Important Disclaimer: Before you begin a new diet or training plan you should check with a qualified professional to ensure that it’s right for you, especially if you take medication. This is the diet and training plan I use myself and with my clients. Please take all necessary precautions before starting and if you have any doubts as to whether you should begin, stop and consult your doctor. Okay, now on with the good stuff…

Before you jump straight into the plan there are a few things you’ll need. Being prepared is the foundation to success on my plan. If you wake up in the morning with no idea of what you’ll be eating that day you will make wrong choices. You must have a clear insight to your daily nutrition before you go to bed the night before. In order to control your daily diet and continued success you will need:

I know what you’re thinking, most of my personal clients thought it too before I set them straight. You’re thinking, well I have something similar to that product so I’ll use that and I’ll replace that thing with this other thing I like… Stop! Don’t deviate from the plan. The plan works and the more you tinker with it the less results you’ll see. Now once you have your prep compete it’s time to jump straight into your first week.